Iyhab Zahdeh


Zahdeh is a director and theatre artist from Hebron, Palestine. He obtained a high diploma in acting from the special training programme of the Dutch Palestinian Theatre day (1997-2001), and received a high diploma in a complementary study entitled “Drama and its Effect on Education” from the university of Gdańsk in Poland, in 2006. 

Zahdeh acted in many plays before local and international audiences. He participated in many workshops and trainings with many teachers from international theatres regarding different acting topics and theatrical direction both locally and internationally in Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Japan, France, Austria, and UK. Zahdeh wrote, prepared, and directed many international plays, and received the First Prize of the Abstract Theatre in Italy, Milano, in 2013 for his play “3 in 1”. Zahdeh received, moreover, the prize of his highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Ben Mohammad Al Qasimi entitled “The Best Arabic Theatrical Show” for his play “A Stray Horse” on the 7th round of the festival in Rabat, Morocco, in 2015. Last but not least, he won the prize of Best Direction and Best Cohesive Work, in addition to other prizes at the Theatre Without Production’s 10th round in 2019, also for his play “3 in 1”.

Zahdeh is a member of the Network of the Palestinian Performing Arts, and a member of the High Committee of the Palestinian Festival of National Theatre on its second round in 2019. Zahdeh is also a member of the judgement committee of the Arabic Theatre on its second round in Jordan, 2020. 

Zahdeh now works at “Na’am” Theatre, of which he helped founding in 2008 in Hebron.

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