Adeeb Al Safadi


Safadi Was born in the occupied Golan Heights with an undefined nationality. After high school, he decided to pursue his studies in Syria. This was possible due to an existing agreement between Syria and Israel, mediated by the United Nations, allowing a special exception for students to go back and forth to Syria for study purposes only. After the completion of his studies, he decided to stay in Syria and pursue his dream to work there as an actor.

In 2011 the revolution in Syria started, and Safadi stood in support therewith ever since its start. In 2012, Safadi’s political opinions lead to forcefully exiling him after he was to choose between returning to the Golan Heights or accepting prison.

Upon his return to the Golan Heights, The Drama Academy in Ramallah offered Safadi a position there as a teacher which he pursued until 2016. Since his return from Syria, Safadi participated in many projects in theater, cinema, and TV series, both in leading and supporting roles, and he is now working hard to pursue his career as an actor in Palestine, hoping to reach greater goals.

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