Yasmeen Hammar


Hammar is a lawyer and actress whose artistic journey started in 2005. She studied at the Qasabeh Academy for Theatre and Arts, and participated in many theatre and drama works. 

Hammar worked with the National Palestinian Theatre, EL Hakawati, A’shtar Theatre, I’nad Theatre, and Ivry Theatre in France. She participated in many children theatre works such as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Ghandoura”, The Matches Seller”, “The Carpet”, and many other works for the adult audience such as “Martin Luther King”, “Antigona”, “Rose and Jasmine”, “Moulinex”, “John Six” (a stand-up comedy), “The Price of a Bracelet”, “Friday”, “A Bridge to Forever”, and “Who is the Infertile?”.

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