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The El Hakawati Theatre works diligently to produce theatrical works, shows, tours, festivals, and trainings that target a wide variety of the Palestinian society every year. Those works and activities present multiple social issues to the audience, putting them under investigation that aims to reshape the audience’s perception for them, in addition to relying on modern resources to reproduce the Palestinian Folklore.

The El-Hakwati allows its network of friends and donors to be a part of its artistic and cultural message in Palestine in general, and in Jerusalem in particular.

Donors are allowed to donate and support one certain activity or a number of activities within the Theatre’s main programmes as follows:

Shows with10,000 audience members yearly
Theatre Shows attended by 30,000 students
Workshops with 150 youth participants
Community Activities for 6,000 participants

Supporting the Festivals and Hosting Programmes

Ever since its establishment, the El Hakawati Theatre made sure it stays in direct touch with its audience and local community, and provided itself as an open space that collects together its audience, neighbours, and friends, whether individuals or institutions.

The Theatre, moreover, has always played a major role as Palestine’s cultural anchor, being the link between besieged Jerusalem and the rest of the Palestinian cities on one hand, and between Palestine and the world on the other hand through the festivals and plays it presents or hosts.

Supporting this programme builds a cultural, artistic, civil, and literary bridge with the world, and allows the world to stand with Palestine and support its just cause in return. Supporting this programme, moreover, backs up the Palestinian artistic base, allowing it to empower the theatrical troops, and granting them the space for free and creative production.

Within this programme, donations can be granted to different programmes and festivals:

By supporting the intellectual structure of hostings, donors contribute to opening new scopes and opportunities for Palestinian artists to exchange expertise with other international artists, whether by spurring them to participate in trainings and circulate them, or by hosting international artists to present workshops and seminars at the Theatre.
The Theatre aims at empowering the artistic culture of theatre by benefiting from different expertise that are circulated to reach drama teachers in Palestine.

Donors can contribute to hold a full hosting by donating $2,500. Donate Now

The El Hakawati Theatre hosted tens of artistic festivals within its scope of work in culture. Within this context, the El Hakawati theatre is considered a platform for many important festivals that always aspire to be hosted by it, in order to engage the Palestinian audience in Jerusalem and within the 1948 borders in particular into the Palestinian cultural scene.

Below are a number of the most prominent festivals that were hosted by the El Hakwati Theatre:

  • Ramallah Contemporary
  • Dance Festival.
  • Palestine Cinema Festival.
  • Al Kamanjaty Festival.

Considering the above, it is possible to support this programme by either donating to empower the infrastructure of the Theatre to proceed with its hostings, or to provide the support for the El Hakawati festivals, as follows:

a. The International Puppet Festival

The international Puppet Festival is considered a tradition that started in the 90s, and was held 19 times throughout the previous years. The Festival usually runs from the beginning of October until the end of the year.

The targeted audience of this festival are children between 3 and 15 years old. Its activities are various and include puppet shows, cinematic shows, and musical shows, in addition to puppet-making workshops.
The Puppet festival earned a very important spot among the Palestinian audience, and the Jerusalemite audience in particular, being the first festival that targets children directly and specifically. The festival could attract wide numbers of the Jerusalemite audience, and is waited for by hundreds of families every year.

b. Theatrical Days from the memory of Francois Abu Salem

Francois Abu Salem left the contemporary cultural movement the largest theatrical archive from the 1970 and until Francois’ death. The El Hakwati is inspired by this rich archive all the time to produce new theatre works that honour the journey of Abu Salem by presenting those works with other theatre inspirations from students of Abu Salem.

Donors can sponsor one of the festivals that take place in Jerusalem by donating an amount between $5,000 and $10,000. Donate Now