Kamel Al Basha


AL Basha is a Palestinian actor, director and author who was born in Jerusalem in 1962, and who is the director of the Quds Arts Institute since 2012. He worked as the executive director of the El Hakawati Theatre between 2008 and 2011. 

Al Basha graduated from the High Conservatory of Fine Arts in Jerusalem in 1991, majoring in acting and direction. He directed 30 theatre works of which “Hamlet”, “The Ghosts”, “King Lear”, “Happy Woman”, and “Out of Swarm” were the most prominent. 

He, moreover, took acting roles in 31 plays such as “Al Zeer Salem”, “The Stolen Shirt”, “The Insomnia of Sleeping Beauty”, “The Case of X”, “Antigona”, “Rose and Jasmine”, and “Zone 6”.

Al Basha finally acted in many films and TV series of which “Case #23” is the most prominent. 

Al Basha translated 7 plays from English such as “Yours Sincerely” and “The Paths of Martin Luther King”. He also authored 18 plays such as “Half a Bag of Bullets”, “Hdaidoun and the Ogress”, “The Cursed Land”, “The Key” and “The Carpet”. He participated in many Arab and international cinematic and theatre festivals as an actor, director, instructor, trainer, and judge. 

Below are some websites that include critical articles, photos, and videos, of some of Al Basha’s works.



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