Khawla Ibrahim


Khawla Ibraheem is a Syrian Palestinian theatre artist who was born and raised in Majdal Shams, the occupied Golan Heights, and is Currently based in the city of Haifa.

In 2004, at the age of 13, a group for youngsters including Khawla, led by the Syrian writer Mutaz Abu Saleh and the Palestinian actor Ehab Salami, started a small theatre in the village named “O’yoon” (eyes). 

Ibrahim, later on, pursued her studies in acting at Haifa university, graduating with an honour degree. After graduation, Ibrahim started working as an actress with all theatres in Palestine, gaining wide recognition as an actress. 

Khawla took part in many theatrical works, of which we mention the following: A Parallel timeline by Bashar Murkus, Servant of two Masters by Carlo Goldoni, The Bride and the Butterfly Hunter by Nisim Aloni, Winter Funeral by Hanoch Levin, Sarita by Maria Irene Frone, and recently, The Publisher by Ameer Hlehel. 

In 2017, after few years of work as a professional actress, Ibrahim started her career as a writer and director at the Palestinian National Theatre, after her first project was awarded the Qattan foundation prize and AFAC prize of Best Art Performance.

  • Today, Ibrahim is considered a regular member in several theatres within Palestine, such as The National Palestinian theatre in Jerusalem and The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Camp, where she created many shows as a writer and a director, such as: 
  • The Story Keeper”, A musical for all the family with an African twist (by The National Theatre).
  • Soon to be gone” a show that tells the story of the Druze Syrian community in the occupied Golan heights (by The National Theatre). 
  • London-Jenin” a comedy based on true stories from the camp, of which Ibrahim was awarded Best Directing and Writing of a Play at the National Palestinian Theatre Festival 2019 (by The Freedom Theatre).

In 2019, Ibrahim took part in the Sundance theatre lab residency as a writer and director.

In January 2020, Ibrahim joined the MacDowell family as a fellow artist after her residency in the United States and became a Part of “ISO: International Super Objective Theatre” of the U.T.E in 2015. 

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