Iman O’wn


O’wn is the artistic director of the theatre of A’shtar. She is an actress, a director, and a theatre trainer. She started her theatrical journey with the troop of El Hakawati in 1984, and she later contributed to the founding of A’shtar Theatre in 1991. O’wn received many prizes and honouring in Palestine and in other Arab and foreign countries. 

O’wn participated in numerous local and international plays, TV series, and films, and represented Palestine in many theatrical Arab and international theatre festivals. O’wn initiated multiple international projects such as “Gazan Monologues” in 2010, and “Syrian Monologues” in 2015, and she was Palestine’s coordinator at the International Campaign to Defend Women entitled “A Billion Who Rise” between 2014 and 2016. 

O’wn presented a large collection of theatrical works that discuss and defend women’s and marginalized groups’ rights in Palestine, in addition to her work as an international trainer for The Theatre of The Oppressed. She now works as a theatre trainer for different groups around the world, and she is also a social activist and a board member at many cultural institutions.

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