Ra’eda Ghazaleh


Ghazaleh is a director and theatre actress who is also a founder of “I’nad” theatre and “Al Hara” theatre in Beit Jala. She was the executive director of the “Al Hara” theatre until 2016. She directed and acted in many plays in Europe, America, and Palestine. 

Ghazaleh wrote and directed many plays of which “The Tale of a Rose” was her recent, which she also co-wrote with the American author Mathew Spankler (which is originally a novel by author Hanan Al Sheikh) that was produced by the EL Hakawati Theatre. In addition to the above, Ghazaleh directed the play “Jihan’s Smile” which was produced by the “AL Hara” theatre, as well as “The Insect”, “A Womb”, “The Sense of Senses”, and “Do you Still Love Me”. She acted in the play “Stuff Happens” by the British author David Hiere which was produced by the National British Theatre in London. Her last acting role was at the play “Other Places”, produced by the “AL Khashabeh” theatre. In 2005, she directed the TV series entitled “Jokes and Seriousness”. 

Some of Ghazaleh’s plays won different prizes, such as “Until When”, and “The Matches Seller” produced by I’nad theatre, and “The Nostalgia of the Sea” and “Confront, but?” produced by The Sweedish Theatre and the “AL Hara” theatre.

Ghazaleh obtained her master’s degree in theatrical direction from the “Drama and Central School of Speech” in London, where she also worked with the Royal British Theatre and the Royal Courte Theatre.

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