A’amer Hleileh


Hleihel is a Palestinian writer and director who is a resident of the city of Heifa. He wrote and acted in many theatre plays, such as “Al Hoteh”, and “The Karmel Owner”, both of his own writing, “The Lanterns of the King of the Golan”, which he authored upon the novel by Ibrahim Nasrallah, the “Al Mshakhasatty”, which he co-authored with Alaa’ Hleihel and Firas al Khateeb, and “Greta and the Sea”, which was written and directed by Ameer Nizar Zu’bi. In addition to the above, Al Bou authored and acted the “Taha” monodrama in its both versions in English and Arabic, which received the “Best Asian Act” reward at Edinburgh Festival 2017, acted Caliban at Shakespeare’s “The Storm” at the Royal Shakespeare Crew Theatre, in addition to his participation in “Goat” at the Royal Courte Theatre, England, “The Servant of the Two Masters” playing Trovaldinho, “The Virgin and the Death” playing Dr. Roberto Miranda, “Ith Qala Yousof” playing Yousof, “The Settlement of Punishment”, playing the soldier, and “Diab”, playing Diab, which was the play for which he received the Best Actor Reward at a Theatre Festival in 2005, and “Gilgamesh Did Not Die”,  which was directed by Françoise Abu Salem, and where Hleihel played Ankido, and other plays.

Hleihel, moreover, made an appearance at multiple films such as “Tel Aviv on Fire”, “Personal Matters”, “Oh, Flying Bird”, “The Remaining Time”, “America”, “Without a Cellphone”,  and “Paradise Now”, which received a Golden Globe Prize. He also directed many other artistic works such as “The Story and about it”, “Breaking News”, “Looking for a Dream”, “Thank You”, “Prayer” (by video), “Al Taghreebeh (Alienation)”, “Msayfeen”, and “Love in a Cloud”.

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