Majed Al Mani


A theatre artist who joined the cultural movement after the 1967 war, and helped establish the “Balaleen” group, being one of the first members to join it. The core value of “Balaleen” group was the spirit of team work. The group made certain that the they share efforts, whether in terms of writing screenplay, the vision, the direction, and the acting on stage. 

The play “The Darkness” was one of the prominent plays that was performed by “Balaleen” in 1972 at Al O’mariyyeh School in the old city of Jerusalem. Al Mani, afterwards, helped produce a number of other plays that were presented at Palestine’s first festival in 1972 at Ramallah Municipality’s Theatre. He, in addition to the above, worked with many theatre groups and directors to create many theatrical acts, where his passion for theatre was shown.

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