Ibrahim Johar


Johar is a Palestinian author who was born in the city of Jerusalem in 1957. He obtained a BA certificate in Arabic Language, and a diploma in Education from Bethlehem University, followed by a Master’s certificate in Children’s Literature from the Open University of Jerusalem, and he, afterwards, worked as an instructor at the Arts Collage for Girls at the University of Jerusalem. 

Johar started writing at a very young age, and his works were published in multiple local newspapers, ever since he was in high school. Of the published works we mention: “The Arrogant Rooster”, “Land in the Palestinian Short Story”, “Travel Ticket”, “Culture and Intifada”, “The Secret of the Ogress”, “Sua’ad’s Moon”, “Safaa’ Wonders As Well”, “Values in Children’s Literature and Characters’ Features”, “The Soul’s Daisy – Jerusalemite Diaries”, “People of the Mountain”, “Innocence”, and many other works.

It is worth mentioning that Johar was one of the prime founders of the weekly cultural “7th Day Seminar” at the National Theatre of Jerusalem in 1991, which still runs till present times.

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