Imad Mitwalli


He started working in the field of theatre by the time of the establishment “El Nuzha, El Hakawati” theatre, where he was responsible for the lighting, sound, and electricity connections, in addition to supervising the renovation of the old “El Nuzha” building with the “El Hakawati” troop. 

Mitwalli became the Technical Director of the theatre after the renovation works were concluded. He was a founding member of the Board of Trustees of the “El Nuzha, El Hakawati” theatre, and has also joined the troop in most of their local and international tours.

Mitwalli was not only the technical director of the theatre, he was also the theatre’s Head of Programmes. He was not only a founding member of the Palestinian Theatre Artists Association in 1996, but he was also the founder of the “Qafileh” mobile theatre. He directed many theatrical works, and is now performing as the director and manager of the “Qafileh” theatre.

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