Jameel Assalhout


Assalhout is a Palestinian author who was born in 1949 in Jabal Al Mukabber village in Jerusalem, where he still lives till today. He is one of the founders of the Palestinian Auhtors’ Association, and the Palestinian Journalists’ Association. He worked as teacher of the Arabic language at Al Rashidiyyeh High School in Jerusalem between 1977-1990, and as an editor in journalism between 1974-1998 in many newspapers and magazines such as “Al Fajr”, “Al Kateb”, “Al Shira’a”, and “Al A’awdeh”. He was then handed the post of Chief Editor of the “Al Sada” weekly newspaper, and “Ma’a Annas” Magazine.

In 2018, Assalhout was awarded the “Jerusalem Prize for Innovation and Culture”, after the Palestinian Ministry of Culture awarded him the prize of “Jerusalem’s Cultural Character” in 2012. He published more than 40 publications such as novels, children’s literature, travel literature, and literary criticism. He is one of the prime founders of the weekly cultural “7th Day Seminar” at the Palestinian National Theatre of Jerusalem, which still runs since 1991 till today.

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