Dima Samman

Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors

Samman was born in the city of Jerusalem in 1963. She obtained a BA degree in Linguistics from Birzeit University, and a High Diploma in Directing Short Documentary Movies. She is the Head of the Unit of Jerusalem City’s Affairs at the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education since 2006.

Throughout the years, Samman worked as an editor at a number of newspapers that publish in Palestine. She also published multiple studies, research papers, and literary, political, educational, analytical, and critical articles. Samman, moreover, published series of short stories in and outside of Palestine, and on web pages. She also worked as a director at the Palestinian TV Broadcast, and helped direct a number of short films that were broadcasted on TV channels inside and outside the country.

Samman is currently a member of the Board of trustees and a member of the Administrative Assembly of a number of cultural, social and legal institutes. She participated in the founding and running of the weekly 7th Day Cultural Seminar. Samman, in addition to the above, published 12 novels, and her literary works were the core subject for a number of master and doctorate studies at many universities in and outside of Palestine.

Her efforts were crowned in 2013 by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture as she was named “Jerusalem’s Cultural Personality” that year.


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