Mustafa Al Kurd


Al Kurd was born in Jerusalem in 1945, and worked on researching the “Oud” oriental instrument for many years. After the 1967 war, he started to compose songs, and took part in founding the Jerusalem Conservatory for Arts and Theatre in 1970, before he became a member of “Balaleen” troop in 1972. It is to be mentioned that Al Kurd also worked among the coaching team of the Jerusalem Sports Club.

The first musical record by Al Kurd was produced by the Salah Addin Office in 1974, as Al Kurd was working in Bethlehem University, being in charge of the extracurricular activities there. He lived in exile in Beirut and Germany between 1976 and 1985, and was a guest member at the Musical Science Department at Free Berlin University between 1980 – 1983.

Al Kurd established the musical department at El Hakawati theatre in 1986, and the department evolved to become Jerusalem’s heart for oriental music. In 1992, Al Kurd became the head of the Musical Department at the Supreme Arts’ Council in Jerusalem. He worked as the Head of the Musical Department at the Palestinian TV Broadcast, and is still the head of the Jerusalem Arabic Music Center, and has published a number of artistic works for theatre, film, and music industries.


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