Tareq Al Sayyed


Al Sayyed is a theatre and TV scenarist and a short story writer who was born in the city of Jerusalem. He obtained a master’s degree in Education and a BA degree in Arabic Language and Literature. Al Sayyed worked with a number of theatres such as El Hakawati, I’nad, Sanabel, Sakhneen, Akko, and Al Mihbash. Al Sayyed is also a member of many Jerusalemite institutes such as The 7th Day Seminar, and Jerusalem’s Cultural Salon.

Al Sayyed presented many child-oriented plays such as “The Planet of Happiness”, “The Honey Bear”, and many other plays for adults such as “Transit” and “The Guard of the Cemetery”, in addition to many TV shows such as “Bab Al A’moud” series.

Al Sayyed received many awards throughout his life such as “Best Theatre Work Award” in 2016 for the play “Alive”, “The Best General Theatre Work” in 2017 for the play “North, South, Middle”, and the award of “Best Theatrical Composition” from Sakhneen’s Municipal Theatre in 2017. Al Sayyed was, furthermore, honoured by a number of institutes such as Jerusalem’s Honorary Shield at the University of Jerusalem, the 7th Day Seminar, Silwan’s Community Center, The “Y” Theatre Society, Akko theatre, and the Cultural Compound in Nazareth.

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