Nabil Al Joulani


Al Joulani was born and raised in Jerusalem. He worked as a journalist in most newspapers and magazines that publish in Palestine, and is now the head of Al Hayat Office for Journalism and Publications. He is the founder of the Palestinian Writers’ Association in the West Bank and Gaza, and the Palestinian Journalists’ Association, and the 7th Day Seminar at El Hakawati.

Al Joulani is an author and a critic who has written about and criticized most of the plays that were presented in theatres since the 1970s. He released many publications such as “Shrapnel and Flames”, and “Poems of an Immortal Love”, and a study entitled “Naji Al A’li, a Combatant Artist” in cooperation with Dr. Ibrahim Al A’lam, in addition to two Caricature Books of Naji Al A’li. 

Al Joulani has written multiple political articles along the years, and participated in seminars and local and international cultural and political conferences, and is still an eager participant in the poetical and literary seminars and evenings.

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