From 3 to 18 October, Inteatro hosts the third part of the international cooperation project “Theater and Multimedia Arts – TAM2″ with the presence of Gabriele Vacis and 9 professional Palestinians actors. A period of intense work from the Marche to East Jerusalem to launch a message of dialogue, hope and peace with the young people of the Palestinian territories.

The last part of the project is configured as a real Creative Residence in Polverigi of the young actors of the Palestinian National Theatre, in the beautiful setting of Villa Nappi. This experienence will create a real theater production to be realized in the next year.

After a first phase, always in Polverigi, which saw the participation of Bahaa Sous, an artist of the PNT, at the workshop conducted by the Portuguese choreographer Claudia Dias during the training program IFA – Inteatrofestival Academy, the second stage of the project took place in East Jerusalem entirely. In line with the objective to cooperate through the arts to raise awareness among young people, ensuring the creation of original works by contemporary Palestinians and preserve the existing infrastructure to East Jerusalem promoting the formation and increasing human resources on site, Inteatro has promoted two workshops that were held in July and August at the headquarters of the Palestinian National Theatre:

  • Theater School students
  • Kamel Al-Basha
  • Theater school is in session
  • Theater school is in session
  • From July 25 to August 1 took place the first workshop of Training of Trainers and students of the PNT, a real workshop on storytelling, narrative techniques and the dramatic construction of the story carried by the artist Roberta Biagiarelli.
  • From August 16 to 28 was realized a second workshop for Training of Trainers and students of the PNT, a laboratory of choreography and a study of movement led by the artist Gustavo Frigerio.