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Mouna Hawa Mouna Hawa Artist

Hawa Is a Palestinian actress and singer, located in Haifa. She graduated from the…

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Mays Abd-Hamid Othman Assi


Assi was born in Nablus in the 1990, before she moved to live in Ramallah. After she obtained her Bachelor degree in Media, she worked at Alqasaba Theater as Media Coordinator. During this, time, she applied for the Drama academy in Ramallah which ran a programme in collaboration with the Folkwang University, Germany.

Since 2016, and until now, she finished more than 500h of training clowning in general, and clowning in hospitals. she also worked with many professional directors such as “Lars Eric Brossenr”,”Pippi Long Stocking” in a Swedish Project with the Freedom Theater.

Assi, moreover, played main actress in “François Abu Salem” play by El Hakawati Palestinian National Theater, directed by Lydia Beata, and many others. Assi also started working as a drama teacher in schools, and presented some clown shows.

Between Jerusalem and Ramallah nowadays, Assi is trying to collaborate with specific projects, aiming to share her culture and special experiences, particularly about women living alone and struggling to be free since as she says, “theater can make our mind open and free “.

Mouna Hawa


Hawa Is a Palestinian actress and singer, located in Haifa. She graduated from the Samuel Rubin Music Conservatory, and the Beit-Zvi Academy of High Performing Arts. She starred in the TV series ‘Mouna’, created by Mira Awad, and won the award of ‘Best Actress’ at the Palestinian theater festival for her role playing the famous singer Asmahan, in “Who Killed Asmahan?”, written and directed by Nizar Zo’abi. She, moreover, Won the Highest Academy Award for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role as “Laila” in “Bar-Bahar” (In Between), written and directed by Maysalon Hammoud.

Mouna, in addition to the above, starred in the movie “Between Heaven and Earth”, written and directed by Najwa Najjar, the movie “Gaza weekend” written and directed by Basel Khalil, and acted in various theater plays such as The king and I, Sounds of Music, Peter and the Wolf, Saied Darweesh, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and many more, in addition to starring in Dunia and Dandan’s TV show of children’s content.

Alaa Abu Gharbieh


Abu Gharbieh was born in Jerusalem in 1991 and graduated from the Palestinian National Theater, El Hakawati, in Jerusalem, 2008.

Since 2012, he started to work as a professional actor, working with both local and international theaters.

Abu Gharbieh participated in many theatrical works with a number of Palestinian directors and actors such as: Hhalifa Natour, A’mer Heleihel, Kamel El Basha, Nabeel El Raae, Gabriele Vacis, Lydia Ziemke, Zoe Lafferty, and Amir Nizar Zuabi.

Abu Gharbieh has also worked with the French Egyptian director “Adel Hakim” in the plays Roses and Jasmine, and Antigone, performing more than 120 shows around Europe, which was a big success for the theater company in general.

Since 2014, and until current days, Abu Gharbieh finished more than 500h of trainings, clowning in general and clowning in hospitals.

Alaa’s goal is to keep the theater and art work active among all groups of people, especially the youth, as he believes it is very important to consider the theatre as a way of communication between all the world’s people.